Albany Qigong

A way toward health and longevity

"In sports and martial arts, qigong is the key to strength, stamina, coordination, speed, flexibility, balance, and resistance to injury. Qigong exercises can improve performance in any sport, improving the golf drive, tackling ability in football, accuracy in tennis, and stamina in swimming." [Ken Cohen]


Although there are many ways to practice qigong, the following three elements should always be included, regulation of mind, body and breath, among which regulation of mind is the most important. Regulating the mind into a state of relaxation is the most important step in qigong practice.

Practicing qigong does not need any equipment. There is no limitation of sex, age or general health. Qigong can be performed in any season and in all weather, indoors or outdoors. During practice, one can stand, sit, walk or lie down. Everyone can do it. Qigong promotes the physical and intellectual development of children and promotes their learning ability. For adults, qigong can remove fatigue and raise working efficiency. For the aged, the effect of qigong is even more beneficial. Qigong can make the best use of the stored nutrients, and is effective for prolonging life. Everyone can practice qigong and will benefit from it.

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